Here's the longer version of my story that couldn't fit in the IG caption ;)

Happy Halloween from me and this little pumpkin of mine, Truck! Here's a little reminder to stand up, loosen up, breathe and pet a kitten!


Inspired by @dazey_la; it's my Dreamer to Doer Story!

Alright this is a long post--an important one and really, truly off the cuff, being transparent about what's next for me in life...

For a long time I had an unhealthy relationship with food and my body. Then I was injured. Lots of things changed physically and emotionally for me. I have had a high stress job as a producer (and laundry list of other production jobs). Most people think it's glamorous (it can be fun and super rewarding) but a lot of it is literally crying at night and losing sleep over things that are playing pretend and don't really matter. And so much of it is tremendously wasteful and terrible for the environment.

I came into this business as an actor, an artist and then I got really far into the production side and stayed with it because I've succeeded and started to parlay it back with being in front of the camera. 

I work really hard to lead projects where I have creative control and work to make my sets more environmentally sustainable but as a freelancer it can be really hard to turn down work and not all shows go my way. In the past couple years, I've begun to prioritize things that ring more true to who I am, as far as film content. And now in finding yoga and wanting to find peace, I've finally have started to prioritize my mental and physical well being (ONLY TOOK 29 3/4 YEARS!) so I won't be leaving film but I'll be doing more yoga, bringing these ideals to people who need it the most, on set and off. 

I want to highlight how important mental health is and how long I've neglected my own. I come from a long lineage of mental illness and have finally decided to put my mental health first. Yoga is not about how flexible you are. It is so much more than that and I'm just starting on my journey as a teacher and really deepening my practice as a student.
My wellness adventure @setintentions is just getting started and we'll work on setting intentions (obviously), thanking yourself for showing up, moving your body, bringing consciousness to your breath, breathing in each moment and through each tough one, posture, over all FEELings, remembering why we do what we do. And remembering not to compare ourselves or our dreams to anyone else's. We're all on different paths. So go on, hug yourself at your own risk. 
We'll also talk SUSTAINABILITY and not how we can be perfect but how we do a hell of a lot better by just being more mindful of our consumption and our impact in day to day scenarios. *Think one time use plastic, or worse, STYROFOAM?! (I don't care how cheap it is. STOP with the styrofoam). 
I have no idea where we're going but I do know I come in peace and with the hope of sharing the practice of bodhicitta, to free all beings from suffering (physically and emotionally). We're going to do this together because I want to be happy and healthy and help others do that too.  

So thank you! This is the accountability post for me to start taking my own advice and take a leap to be happy. I hope you'll come along! Here goes nothing! #dreamertodoer #dazeylady